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UPVC Windows

Manufacturer and exporter of UPVC window like UPVC aluminium casement window, UPVC sliding window, glass UPVC windows. We hold supreme specialization in producing a broad assortment of UPVC Windows that are designed to perfection to suit any type of building or apartments. Our skilled employees design these windows particularly to ensure a rapid & convenient fabrication and fittings.
Casement Windows
VIKAS EXTRUSIONS PVT. LTD. fabrication windows of different varieties and categories to accomplish the requirements of customers and the pattern of construction works to adjoin natural, aesthetic and artistic values to the building.

Exceptional and unrestricted features of windowpane structure (Casement system):

The following are the classical features of the Casement systems:
1. Characteristics of imported Stainless Steel Frition Hinges
  • No rust formation to deteriorate the casement with the constant exposure to varying atmospheric conditions.
  • Can withstand and resist to high velocity wind and can be set aside at any angle without any window stopper.
  • Revolve around 90 degree angle and four uncomplicated evacuation during crisis.
  • Simple cleaning methods.
2. Features of 3D Hinges (for window panel doors)
  • 3 dimensional regulation of window panels in trouble-free way.
  • Capable of bearing heavy load.
3. Significance of Multiple Point Locking
  • Ensuring protection, safety and enhanced sealing through locking systems at several window points.
  • Safe ventilation during night time without permitting any insects.
  • Shoot bolts in casement system prevent the opening of window from outside.
  • Ensured extensive existence of windows with the careful experimentation and inspection of 20000 cycles.
4. Properties of Double Sealing Mechanism
  • Durable and guaranteed EPDM gaskets with perfect sealing on sash and outer casing.
5. Benefits of Bug Screen (Optional)
  • After installation of windows, special retro fit option can be integral part of the window.
  • Slides from top to bottom blocking insects while the window is open.
  • Specially made Bylon bug screen does not rust and ensure longevity.

Top Opening Window
VIKAS EXTRUSIONS PVT. LTD. Modern Framing Material

UPVC as the new age window framing material, is a manufactured goods of natural asset that consist of salt (57%) and oil (43%) and subjected to renewable and recyclabe, that can be rated material than conventional wooden products for doors and windows.
Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) has entered as the product of NEw Age Window Frame Material with the following advantages and benefits:
  • Energy proficient
  • Non-deterioration and decomposition
  • High shock and force resistant
  • Effectiveness and stability with longevity

Advantages of UPVC

Wood Metal UPVC
Maintenance Needs regular painting Painting from time to time No painting necessary
Durability Can rot or warp Can rust and twist Will not rust or warp:lasts for a lifetime
Performance Low weather tolerance No weather seals Weather enduring
Production / Ecology Tropical hardwoods are ecologically unsound Uses large amount of energy in production Efficient user and conserver of energy
Aesthetics Good in the short term Looks cold and out of proportion Elegance that lasts
Energy Conservation Good Poor Excellent
Acoustic Insulation Poor Poor Excellent
Structural Strength Good Good Good with multi chambered profiles & reinforcements
Thermal Insulation Poor Poor Excellent