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UPVC Windows

Manufacturer and exporter of UPVC window like UPVC aluminium casement window, UPVC sliding window, glass UPVC windows. We hold supreme specialization in producing a broad assortment of UPVC Windows that are designed to perfection to suit any type of building or apartments. Our skilled employees design these windows particularly to ensure a rapid & convenient fabrication and fittings.
Fixed Windows
Fixed windows have a substantial frame appearance and are designed to stimulate the look of a casement window. Whatever is your design concept, it can be achieved through the many possible combinations of windows in our extensive line of products.

UPVC in Decorating Inside Story
  • Tropical Blend : UPVC outlines UV resistant, weather proof and longevity
  • Profiles of frames : Hollow, multi-chambered and steel-reinforced for structural strength and insulation
  • Fusion welding : Guarantee absolutely sealed joints with improved insulation
  • Steel Reinforcement : Galvanized steel sections run through the entire profile length provide extra strength and potency. Easy and more permanent hardware fixing that can withstand wind velocity of 160km/hr.with least deflection.Imported Hardware and fitting: Capable of resistant to atmospheric decomposition with the amalgamation of numerous protection and security devices as follows:
  1. Multi-point locking
  2. Anti-lift locks and interlocks
  3. Fine finished and packed insulation pressure protection and safety
  • Gaskets : EPDM weather seals in all sashes that are used for open and close system provides noise and dust free environment in the rooms.
  • Drainage slots : Prevents water collection in the tracks during rain or washing the windows
  • Installation : The frame is drilled firectly into the plastered surface with the help of high precision drills. No sub frame is required. Edges are sealed with silicon to provide perfect sealing.

Sliding Windows
Unique features of Horizontal window sliding systems, product of VIKAS EXTRUSIONS PVT. LTD.:

1. Sealing devices of Horizontal sliding system.
  • Wool strips are densely packed between all sashes guarantee the preclusion of pollutants and insects
2. Specifications of Locking devices
  • Anti Lift Lock system ensure thatsliding panels cannot be lifted from outside.
  • Interlocks between all panels guarantee absoloute sealing of dusts and other pollutants.
  • Effortless Flush lock system in windows.
  • Multi panel locking mechanism facilitate absolute sealing of the doors transversely the height of panel.
3. Benefits of Multi track Adapter
  • Multi Track adapter of Horizontal Sliding system permit to fit and fasten additional tracks.
4. Ride Over System
  • Easy ride of slides on the tracks along sashes prevent deposition of dusts and can simply be cleaned.
5. Bump stopper
  • Soften the shocks of forcible sliding actions by bump stopper device.
6. Integrated Bug Screen Solution
  • Bug screen slide progress on both directions with special clip can be detached easily on every occasion.